Summer Training Camps

Sifu Guirey has been running extremely successful summer training weeks and weekends since 2004 - Training various skills and techniques, Weapons etc . . .

Giving the students a real step up in terms of training quality and standard as they get to eat and sleep training in the traditional methods to which he was taught.

Costs vary so ask Sifu for details 0783 2211524


Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Fist

B.M.A.A School of Excellence




Sifu Grant was invited to demonstrate (Kow Dow So) at Grandmaster's 60th Birthday Celebrations in Hong Kong 2008

Grant Guirey, Sifu - Teaching - 7 Days a Week

Call 01708 766715 or 0783 2211524


Academy training trip to Hong Kong in Sept (Ask Sifu for Details)

Chow Gar Kung fu is truly one of the last complete systems of Martial Arts, suitable for serious Martial Artists and also as a practical reliable self defence for the general public. It's techniques work under pressure due to it's techniques being proven on the Battlefields of the past in open hand challenges throughout Asia. It is a no nonsense practical Martial Arts that utilises devestating techniques (Dim Yuet) known more commonly as Dim Mak, with conditioning training known as Iron Shirt and a very direct fighting approach. With over 25 years training experience in Martial arts Sifu Guirey teaches with a real life training approach that gives you the body and mind to be able to use the techniques to defend yourself effectively on the street.

You can get more info by visiting the other pages on this site but the proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating so why not come down and train an authentic martial art. All minors are taught the same system but without the strength or conditioning exercises unless they have parents permission. * please note some of the hard conditioning skills are only taught to willing students that are over 18 / also the grading system is optional and not compulsory.

We would love for you to come and join us so please do not be put off or intimidated about coming down, we have a fantastic friendly but productive training environment where you can learn at your own pass or be pushed further than you thought possible, we also have a social calender of events that friends and family are also welcome to attend. All of us have the goal of bettering ourselves and each other so why not come down and be a part of the ever growing Battlefield Martial Arts Association - Also Teaching Muay Thai - Krabi Krabong and MMA.

See you soon - Sifu Guirey

0783 2211524 Call Grant Today !

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